Thursday, 7 November 2013


I went to Whole Foods the other day just before lunch and sometimes when I get hungry I go a bit over board. As you can see one or two pints were not enough when I hit the dairy free ice-cream selection.
Despite the tempting packaging and delicious sounding flavours I ended up being disappointed. These were pretty much all too sweet for my taste. The winner was coconut almond chip: coconut milk ice-cream with almond bites and chocolate chips.    


  1. Coconut Milk sounds delicious!

  2. I hate that I'm so allergic to everything :( To soy, to coconut, to almonds, luckily I've found some oat-products in Finland that are dairy free!

    Emmi L.

  3. OMG, you just made my day! For so long I thought that I can't find an alternative to dairy ice cream in England, but I never realised to check Whole Foods' ice cream selection. :D Need to try those out asap :P