Thursday, 31 October 2013


I hope you're not bored of English country house (or a mansion I should say) pictures yet... I wanted to share these with you a few days back but my dear laptop decided to go on strike. Luckily all he wanted was a good clean and now he's hard at work again. You already saw pictures of the room I stayed in but this is what the rest of North Cadbury House looked like. Such a stunning place! Apparently they do a lot of weddings and I can see why you would choose it as your wedding venue. 

Btw happy Halloween everyone! Hope you are having fun if you're out celebrating! What did you dress up as?? I'm wearing a PJ as we speak but the bags under my eyes would suit any Halloween outfit... (Been a busy bee with a million things lately, life never seems to get uneventful!:-)) Good night!

Minna x


I like to exercise using my own body weight to obtain strength. This exercise works not only your abs but your arms and lats as well.  

After having babies your stomach is not quite the same which is fine but I do want a strong core. My aim is to do this exercise with straight legs. So hard!  

Heidi x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


This easy breakfast recipe is my kids favourite. I always try to maximise their daily intake of greens.    
You need:
  • two eggs
  • 1-2 ripe bananas
  • one carrot
  • piece of courgette 

Blend until smooth and fry in a pan. I use coconut oil for frying. These little pancakes are quite difficult to turn, they break real easily. I find using two spatulas helpful.

 Serve with maple syrup, honey, berries, fruits, raw chocolate powder or your other favourite topping.

Heidi x

Monday, 28 October 2013


We're experiencing some extreme weather conditions here in the UK at the moment. The wind was so strong this morning that I didn't dare to drop Little M off at her nursery five minute walk away! I'm sure we wouldn't have been blown away but better safe than sorry. 

These pictures were taken at my Mother-In-Law's yesterday afternoon. (Quite flattering of me, don't you think...?) Had they been taken today there would be a huge tree laying on the ground behind me! 

Just as I thought these boots have turned out to be my go-to ones especially on weekends paired up with skinnies. These legs of mine need the added length provided by the wedge heel however they're nearly as comfortable as flats. The boots that is.  

Knit: Joseph (sample sales) / Jeans: Seven For Mankind / Booties: Tory Burch

Minna x


When I feel run down I'll have a course of wheatgrass shots. I find it boosts my immune system and gives me energy. It's packed with chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals.

You can find wheatgrass powder in most of health stores and you mix it up with water, juice, smoothies etc. However, my favourite is frozen wheatgrass juice in serving size cups.  

Bottoms up Minna! Ok, so maybe the taste isn't the prettiest but it's so good for you.

Heidi x


Hello! I spent the weekend offline in this beautiful country house in the English county of Somerset. It was the loveliest place to celebrate a friend's 40th at. This was the room we stayed in. Isn't it beautiful? The whole house was stunning. Who wouldn't love old English country houses!

I thought it would be quite appropriate to wear a bit of tartan to a place like this :-) 

This was the maximum amount of text that I'm able to produce tonight after all the fun :-) Good night everyone and see you tomorrow!

Minna x

Saturday, 26 October 2013


I'm not too keen on running, but a slow pace jog out in the park is a great way to start your day.    

Wishing you all a good weekend.

Heidi x

Friday, 25 October 2013


Hi guys, this is totally unrelated to the pictures and the actual post but a lot of my friends have told me that they're unable to leave a comment here. So many that I can't even put it down to user inability anymore (not that it would ever cross my mind, obviously ;-)). So... I can only apologise and say that we'll do all we can to fix the problem. However the truth is that I don't even know how to begin! So if there's anyone out there who's experienced the same problem with Blogger any tips would be greatly appreciated. That is, if you're able to leave a comment with your tip in it...! Btw feel free to comment posts on our Facebook page too.

Cardigan: Crumpet / Blouse: See by Chloe / Trousers: Joseph / Shoes: Gianvito Rossi / Bag: Prada / Belt: from Fenwick / Nail Polish: Shellac, Romantica

As you are reading this I am on my way to the beautiful English countryside for a friend's birthday party, or parties! Therefore pictures in slightly different surroundings to be expected on the blog soon... Have a great one!

Minna x

Thursday, 24 October 2013


 I love avocados. I often make these super simple crackers full of good fats.

Slice avocado on your favourite cracker, toast or bread. Season with a pinch of salt & chili flakes. Squeeze a bit of lemon on top.

 Perfect combination of tastes.

Heidi x


Someone asked me in the comment box about where we stayed at in Barbados and I said I would do a hotel review post with some restaurant tips too so here we go. Sorry it took so long, I forgot to do it earlier! We stayed at the most amazing hotel called Sandy Lane. The place is somewhat legendary and people from all over the world holiday there time after time, year after year. I have stayed there a few times now and I must say it is at the very top of the list of the best hotels I've ever stayed at. A holiday doesn't get much better. The service and attention to detail is incredible, rooms are spacious, homely and comfortable not to mention the location right on the white sand beach.

They have a more formal, fine dining restaurant for dinner but I prefer the restaurant down at the beach. The Sunday lunch buffet is second to none and so is the breakfast one.

They have a kids' club that you have to drag your children out of! Oh and their spa is great too and so is their golf course (apparently). None of this comes cheap though but out of the high season you might be able to get yourself some kind of deal (like we did). At Christmas forget about it even if you wanted to stay there you'd be lucky to get a room from all the regulars who go every year!

The best restaurant for me on the island is The Cliff. It has the most beautiful set up and the food is excellent. You can get quite glammed up too if you want. Another good restaurant worth mentioning is a newer one called Cin Cin. And then there is another rather legendary Barbados spot, a hotel / restaurant called The Lone Star. When I had lunch there a couple of years ago it was starting to look a bit run down but it's recently undergone major renovations and knowing the people behind the project I have no doubt it will be absolutely amazing when it re-opens this November. They have a few hotel rooms too so anyone looking for accommodation on their Bajan holiday I recommend checking it out.

Right, here are some pictures of Sandy Lane. They make me wish I could go back... like, right now!

Our next big holiday will take place before Christmas and see us heading the opposite direction to where we normally head to... and to a very different kind of place than we normally go to. So watch this space! :-) Do you have holidays planned for this winter?

Minna x