Friday, 28 February 2014


Even though we stayed uptown during our New York trip there was no way I was going to leave without having spent some time downtown too. They're so different and have such different vibes. I can't make up my mind on which I love more.

These pictures are from the streets of Soho.

Not sure what was happening here but based on the rather happy looking firemen it  luckily didn't seem like anything too serious.

And I finally did some shopping too. 

And a tiny bit more still.

After which it was time for a drink at our friend's beautiful apartment.

The views from their windows did nothing to ease my longing to one day live in New York... One can dream! 

Minna x

Thursday, 27 February 2014


After a good sleep (to put it mildly) it was great to wake up to another, sunny New York day. The perfect morning for a long walk in Central Park. 

The Reservoir was still frozen and the pathway alongside it too icy and snowy to walk on.

Central Park was heaving of runners. And dogs. It seems like everyone in New York has a dog! Some of them the size of a pony. No doggy pictures as I guess to their owners they're often like babies so it wouldn't be appropriate.

The footwear I can be seen the most is definitely this pair of hightop Nikes. I wear them most days when running around getting on with my daily life and I frequently get asked about them. The style is called Sky Hi and they have a bit of a wedge in the sole. It's not very noticeable though so a good option for those who are not into the higher wedge trainers. I wear them so much that I wouldn't mind investing in a different colour too.

We did a big loop and ended up on the Grand Army Plaza. Horse carriage ride was tempting but maybe next time ;-)

Minna x

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Our second day in New York surprised us with this... blue skies and sunshine! We kept on hearing how extremely lucky we were as it sure has been a cold winter over there. 

We took a stroll around Upper East, did some window shopping and had exactly the same lunch as the day before at Le Bilboquet. And I mean exactly the same... the same starters, the same mains. If it ain't broken why fix it?

I wonder how many times during the trip (and all my trips I've ever done to New York) I said the words "I just love New York"? Tens, if not hundreds! If I had to choose one place to live I wouldn't have to think twice.

Then guess what we did after lunch? We had a "nap before dinner". We woke up having missed the dinner, went back to sleep and continued pretty much until the next morning. Late night, old age, jet lag... the combination of those totally wiped us out.

Minna x


Hi guys! I'm back from New York. What a great few days we had, lots and lots of fun. It started like this, with a glass of bubbly at the airport, naturally.

We stayed uptown at The Mark Hotel. We normally stay downtown in Soho or Meatpacking District but wanted to try something different this time. 

On our first day we hung out in the Upper East. It wasn't anywhere near as cold as I had imagined and even most of the snow had melted away. 

We had lunch with some good friends (more about the restaurants we ate at in a separate post) and afterwards hid from the drizzle under enormous umbrellas.

We took a lot of silly pics. Best to put the least silly ones up here :-)

How do you like the hat?? More NYC pictures and posts to follow... very soon. Oh and those wedding pics, I'll be showing you some soon too. I just need to find a moment to go through them!

Minna x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


If you are planning a trip to Miami and you want to try Pilates this is the place to do it. The studio on South Beach has 8 megaformers (pretty similar to reformers) and you book your classes online.

We did a class at lunch hour and it was nice and  intense. I definitely felt my core and my abs were burning after some sets of planks and pikes.

The only thing I was missing was a towel. Next time I have to remember to bring my own.

After having babies I did quite a bit of Pilates in London and I think it's one of the best ways to flatten your stomach. Also a 50 minute session is relatively easy to squeeze somewhere in your day. No excuses!

And some stretching.

Heidi x