Thursday, 31 October 2013


I hope you're not bored of English country house (or a mansion I should say) pictures yet... I wanted to share these with you a few days back but my dear laptop decided to go on strike. Luckily all he wanted was a good clean and now he's hard at work again. You already saw pictures of the room I stayed in but this is what the rest of North Cadbury House looked like. Such a stunning place! Apparently they do a lot of weddings and I can see why you would choose it as your wedding venue. 

Btw happy Halloween everyone! Hope you are having fun if you're out celebrating! What did you dress up as?? I'm wearing a PJ as we speak but the bags under my eyes would suit any Halloween outfit... (Been a busy bee with a million things lately, life never seems to get uneventful!:-)) Good night!

Minna x

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