Thursday, 17 October 2013


All time favourite and so easy to make: hummus. It goes with anything and everything: you can spread it on your toast and garnish with herbs, add to your salad, eat with veggie sticks, mix it with your protein (not the shake ;-) or dip it with something crunchy.  

For the plain version I used one can of chick peas, one peeled garlic clove, one big table spoon of tahini, one squeezed lemon, two table spoons of olive oil, salt, paprika, black pepper and a bit of water to make it runny. If it's too thick and dry for your blender try a hand blender.

I like to add some flavour and this time I threw in spinach. You can also spice it up with chili.

Heidi x


  1. Hummus is very good for a vegetarian and vegan diet too, as it is rich in protein. Luckily we get chick peas in cans nowdays in Finland too. Years ago I made hummus by using dry chick peas which had to be soaked and cooked first. Chick peas are also used for making falafel balls. I got to know and make them while I was living in Israel over 30 years ago. Heidi, have you tried making falafels? Fresh coriander and parsley from my garden are he best to season falafels balls.

    1. I have indeed - delicious. I have to have mine with pickles. ;-)

  2. Hummus on niiiin hyvää - ja terveellistä. Hyvä idea laittaa esim. pinaattia joukkoon; kiitos vinkistä!