Thursday, 17 October 2013


The other day I pulled something that I hadn't worn in a long while out of my wardrobe. It was a Chloe jacket that, years ago, was my first ever Outnet purchase. I remember when I discovered Outnet after someone tipped me about it. I got totally hooked and would be there, ready to check their new arrivals out as soon as they received some. In the last couple of years I've somehow managed to forget about their site. I suppose I've been busy with other things... But the Chloe jacket reminded me of this amazing website (that these days needs no introductions) and I logged on to see what they had in stock for Chloe now. I was amazed! So many beautiful items I'd like to click into my shopping bag right now. Sizes are obviously always the problem like they are at any discount stores. The most common ones sell out very quickly if they ever even reach Outnet in the first place. If you're smaller or bigger than the average you're in luck! These are my favourite Chloe finds in there at the moment.

1. Their very popular ballerinas that I've been eyeing up in blush however this calf hair pair would be even more special. Why oh why do I not have size 36 feet?
2. Nude ankle boots with a black strap.
3. Grey biker style boots.
4. The same ones in nude.
5. A gorgeous black blouse.
6. And an even more gorgeous velvet blazer.
7. Houndstooth clutch.
8. Cream blazer.
9. Silk dress with collars.
10. Black and white jumper.
11. Wool blend dress. Perfect for office to evening!
12. Checked trousers. At 70% off these are quite a bargain if you're size FR34! And very much on trend.
13. Mustard skinny trousers. Not my usual style but there is something very appealing about these.
14. Tan leather jacket. Such a classic!
15. Turtle neck jumper. Another very much on trend item. Not that I even care... I follow trends but tend to just stick to what I like no matter what season it is.

From now on I'll be keeping a firm eye on Outnet's new arrivals again! Going to start updating that Wish List...

Minna x


  1. Itsekin yllättäen muistin Outnetin eilen illalla! Mikä yhteensattuma! En ole ostanut sieltä mitään aikoihin. Kokeilin Helsingin Rizzossa nudeja Chloen nilkkureita (samat löytyvät näemmä Outnetista mustana) ja ne olivat aivan ihanan tuntuiset jalassa. Aah. Onkohan niitä vielä jäljellä...? -Marjo-

    1. No niin on! Mä olin ihan unohtanut jostain syystä... Mä en oo ikinä kokeillut Chloen nilkkureita, mutta oon aika ihastunut noihin nudeihin mustilla remmeillä. Menis tosi monen kanssa.

  2. Leather jacket & nude boots looks fab!