Friday, 7 March 2014


I managed to escape mommy duties few days ago for half a day - Mrs V and I went shopping to Sawgrass Mills outlet, a gigantic mall about 40 min drive from South Beach.

You could easily spend your entire day in this place, there's hundreds of shops. Something for everyone.    
We were a little time pressured so we did only a small part of the mall. Neiman Marcus Last Call was the best stop for both of us. I found few pairs of one of my favourite beach sandal brand heavily discounted and some other things. They also had pretty good selection of sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Olivers Peoples, Prada, Miu Miu and Tom Ford just to name a few.  

I also got t-shirts, polos, pyjamas and underwear for the little ones from Gap and Ralph Lauren.

Checking out Valentino.

I would definitely recommend to visit this place if you are into shopping or are looking for something specific. Again it's a matter of luck if you happen to find something in your size and your taste. But you'll have a good chance as the selection is huge.

Heidi x


  1. Kävimme viime joulukuussa sawgrass millsissä ostoksilla. Tein hyviä löytöjä. Ajankohta vain oli hieman ehkä huono. Päivä jolloin siellä kävimme oli nimittäin 26.12 ja senhän arvata saattaa että porukkaa oli ja paljon ! Tunnelma oli tiivis : )


  2. Joo voin vaan kuvitella! ;-)