Tuesday, 21 January 2014


This weekend we enjoyed such lovely family time at my Mother-In-Law's in the country. We didn't do much at all, just chilled out and watched the children have an amazing time like they always do in her house.

How cute are these little slippers? Their grandmother got them to wear in her house as these city kids are not used to the cool country houses.

Hiya! :-) In my fluorescent sales purchase by J Crew.

Little M now knows more about baking than I do. And that's no joke!

The end product.

Fun and games.

Sunday lunch.

Bubbles even when your hands are freezing!

Not the best surface for a push bike but never mind.

Sorry about the outfit Baby M, sometimes practicality wins!

I'm not one to do the cheesy talks and write the cheesy posts but I must make an exception this time and say this: sometimes things happen that make you put everything in perspective and to appreciate the people around you even more. Family or friends or both. Something so sad that there are no words to describe it happened to someone very close to us recently. It has upset everyone we know and I have had tears in my eyes most days in the past week. I feel so grateful for what I have!

Minna x


  1. Really lovely pictures and the scenery of the countryside is just stunning. I agree that we should really appreciate every day with ones that we love. But even when they leave us they will always be with us every day around in every beautiful little thing around us.

    1. I know English countryside is so beautiful and this is only an hour from where we live. Totally, must remember to live in a moment and never forget to be grateful!

  2. Wise words. Can't really say much more than that. And sorry for whatever happened, take care. Marjo x

  3. Melko tyhjentävästi kirjoitettu. Mitä tahansa onkaan tapahtunut, voimia sinulle ja läheisillesi!


  4. Voimia teille. Kiitos ihanasta Blogista, erityisesti kun jaat teidän söpöjenpikkuistenkin puuhia.

  5. Kaunista maaseutua, mahdollisesti home county? Oma anoppi Surreyssa ja maaseudulle pakko päästä vähintään kerran kuussa. Surullista kuulla läheisen surusta, voimia koko perheelle. (Toivottavasti tämä kommentti onnistuu näkymään seinällä tälläkertaa). Xxx Riikka

  6. So fun cooking with granny. I understand what you are saying about life just heard the most awful news about my friend today am utterly devastated life is so precious treasure each moment.