Monday, 30 December 2013


Hi everyone! It's been rather quiet here on the blog in the last couple of weeks but then I'm sure all of you have been busy too with your Christmas preparations and celebrations. I'm now back in London and ready for a quiet, healthy January. Well, after tomorrow night, that is! As I told you in my previous post we spent the weekend in North Yorkshire and to be more specific in the most beautiful house called Constable Burton Hall. Check out their website for more pictures of the estate and what they do in here

Kids had great fun running around and playing with their cute, furry friends (read: chasing the poor animals around endlessly).

Meet Myrtle, the sweetest dog ever. And can you believe it they another Jack Russell called Minna too! Slightly confusing to hear my friend very sternly call "Minna, come here" at the top of her voice.

Mince Pies and Christmas Cake are some of the rare sweet things that don't tempt me. Year after year I try them but I don't think I'll ever be anglicised enough to learn to enjoy them. A bit like salted liquorice that everyone loves in Finland... If you weren't brought up with like us Finns it you'll never going to like it.

Miss R looking glamorous in a very appropriate way, ready for her day in the country.

If the house and the gardens are amazing at Constable Burton so is the food! It wasn't good for my waist line though especially right after Christmas so I'm very ready to take a re-try of that clean eating challenge. 

How was your Christmas?

Minna x


  1. Mäkään en aluksi tykännyt mince piestä tai christmas puddingista, mut nykyään kyl maistuu liankin hyvin. Parhaat mince piet on waitrosen heston blumenthalin spiced mince piet, ihan hurjan hyviä. Christmas pudding lämmitettynä ja brandykermalla on herkkua, mut christmas cake ja stollen on kyl vieläkin yök.

    Mahtavan näköinen paikka!

    1. Ai sä oot oppinut tykkäämään! Mä tykkään Christmas Cakessa vaan siitä icingistä ;-)

  2. Onpa pienemmässä tytössä ekassa kuvassa paljon samaa näköä kanssasi poskien lapsenpyöreyden alla :) Hyvää uutta vuotta! -Elli

    1. Joo hän on ihan hurjasti saman näköinen kun minä olin pienenä tyttönä. Vanhempi taas on aivan isänsä näköinen :-) Hyvää uutta vuotta sulle myös Elli!

    2. Oon kattonut ihan samaa, että isompi on selkeesti isään tullut ja pienempi sinuun, kauniita molemmat :) Toi toiseksi ylin kuva on hauska, jotenkin TOSI englantilainen ;) Ihanan onnellisia kuvia jälleen!


  3. Such an amazing house. I had a great Christmas far too much food and drink was back at spinning today nearly killed me. I am away for weekend so definitely detox and fitness next week. Wishing you a happy n healthy 2014,