Wednesday, 18 December 2013


This holiday has been extremely relaxing. The only thing you have outside the hotel area is sand and mountains, for as far as you can see. The weather has been as perfect as it gets. High twenties with not so much as a cloud in the sky. The heat is the opposite to the humid type. It's dry, which makes it feel even more pleasant. The kids are having an amazing time. The whole area is like a never ending sand pit. Even the surface around the pool is sand. We've hardly worn shoes! Good job I packed four pairs of high heels, as you do! ;-) I've lost a count of days. That has got to be a sign of a great holiday!

Minna x

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  1. Näyttää juuri sellaiselta paikalta, jossa ladataan akkuja ja rentoudutaan totaalisesti. Varmasti hieno kokemus. :)