Thursday, 5 December 2013


For any non Finns out there; we have been independent from Russia since the 6th of December, 1917! As you are reading this I'll be sitting on a train and most likely raising a glass of something bubbly for my dear home country. (I wanted to do an Independence Day post with pictures of Finland but where did the time go again? I shall do one another time anyway.) It's my birthday next week (36th... that 40 is approaching much faster than I expected) and to celebrate we're heading for a fun, grown ups only weekend away in Paris with some friends. I haven't been in Paris for at least five years, which is criminal really as here in London you're only an easy train journey away. I don't know the city at all but luckily I'll have a couple of experts with me :-)

At home we're all set for Christmas. I've managed to get Christmas shopping under control this week and done a lot of the wrapping too. Our home is looking lovely and Christmassy with a big, colourful tree and some Christmassy flowers and decorations. Have I said it already that I just love this time of the year?!

I wish you all a wonderful Independence Day! (No doubt I'll be Instagramming heavily from Paris but on the blog I will update you about my trip on my return!)

Minna x

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  1. Hi, Yes, Finland has been independent from Russia since 1917 but it's actually not the story. Finland was part of Sweden on 1150-1808. Finnish history is Scandinavian history. It sounds good but it has been very complicated time too.
    Have a great weekend Minna!