Thursday, 19 December 2013


I didn't pack that great for this holiday. Had I known better I would have packed nothing but maxi dresses that are suitable to wear both day time and in the evenings. To go with them I would have packed flip flops for the day, smarter flat sandals for the evening, a beach bag, lots of bangles to smarten those dresses up for the evenings, one evening bag and a biker jacket and / or pashmina to throw over maxi dresses as the evenings can get a bit chilly. I would have not packed high heels, cocktail dresses, big day time leather handbags, skinny jeans and leather leggings. I don't know what I was thinking... It's just that we don't often do holidays that are just that; pure holidays relaxing on a beach. But I now know better! Luckily I did pack a couple of the right sort of items, like this dress :-) (Please excuse the unbrushed hair and the makeupless face... that's been my "look" every day whilst here!)

Dress: Missoni / Sunglasses: Dita / Bag: from Zighy Bay 

Minna x


  1. Wow, your skin looks absolutely stunning!

  2. Näyttää todella ihanalta paikalta! Just tuollainen pieni, privaatti paikka. Ilmeisesti vähän eksklusiivisempi, kalliimpi kohde..? Eikös lomalookin pidäkin olla tuollainen hei ;)
    Heh, kyllä mäkin vähän ihmettelin sun matkalaukun sisältöä, mutta tiedän ongelman, sitä aina varautuu siihen "johonkin" :D Ihanaa joulunaikaa teille! Me matkaamme kohti lunta jeejee :)