Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Let me do yet another restaurant post and introduce one more great London restaurant called River Cafe to you. This one is located by the river (funny that) in Fulham. Or maybe it's classed as Hammersmith. One or the other. I had heard about it a fair bit over the years but never gone. Probably due to pure laziness as it's that bit further. I mean it did take at least 15 minutes to get to from Notting Hill! 

Apparently the space used to operate as a canteen to an Architect's office who then went ahead and turned it into the restaurant it is today.

The food is pure quality. You can tell that they take great pride in it. Everything was mouth watering. 

This was their buffalo mozzarella starter. The garnishing was delicious. I think it was broad beans but I'm not sure... sorry! The menu, I hear, changes constantly. 

Scallops. Another master piece of food.

My friend's grilled lobster. 

And my salmon with zucchini fritti. 

An incredible lemon tart. No staying off sugar that evening, I had to have a taste!

And a very creamy selection of ice creams.

This is how we spent our last Saturday night in London. I'm so glad our friends finally managed to persuade us to go to there! Why on earth did I not go before!?

Minna x

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