Friday, 2 May 2014


Hi from New York! I spent a lovely 10 hours on the plane here last night... You know one of those delays when they get you all boarded and then make you wait for two hours before taking off. With no phone coverage either so that you could tell your friends at your destination that you're going to be late.  Then at the other end they taxi for about 40 minutes and then at the gate take about 20 minutes to open the doors. So a bit of frustration but got here in the end! And there was still time for dinner too, just! My friend had booked us a table at a super chic and French restaurant called Bouley. It's downtown but has a very uptown feel.

These iPhone pictures are just rubbish, I apologise! But the dining room is beautiful. Very romantic, would be a lovely spot for a date night.

First we were served some amuse bouche in the format of lobster in blood orange mousse. On the side of it they served a home made cracker with black truffle and goats cheese. To die for!

We shared some pan fried foies gras as a starter. I never used to be able to taste a difference between different foies gras but this one has got to be the best I had ever had. Delicously salty.

A lovely man serving us home made (or should I say house made) bread in lots of different variety. 

As a main course I had a fillet of cod with a thin, crunchy layer of mini potatoes on top... say no more, absolutely delicious.

My companion was delicious too. The other hens get here today, we had a head start.

Look at that dessert menu! Doesn't it look amazing!? But I resisted apart from a piece of chocolate... Trying to shake my sugar habit. They give you cake to take home too! My hotel receptionist was very happy to receive it as a little gift from me. Otherwise by now I would have already had a huge piece of cake as breakfast. 

Talking of breakfast I'm going to head out to the sunshine and find a good spot for some. Have a great Friday everyone! 

Minna x


  1. Sounds very good. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ikävä lukea miten promoat hanhenmaksaa testissäsi. Oletan että olet tietoinen miten sitä tuotetaan? Hanhenmaksan tuotanto on yksi kammottavimmista eläinrääkkäysen muodoista ja esim. Sir Roger Moore kampanjoi näkyvästi sen kieltämiseksi. Toivottavasti mietit asiaa vielä tulevaisuudessa.

    1. En promoa hanhenmaksaa, kerron syöneeni sitä. Meistä suurin osa ei valitettavasti jokapäiväisessä elämässään ja valinnoissaan mieti kyseisiä asioita... minä kuulun tähän massaan. Asia ei ateriaa tilatessani tullut edes mieleen. Hienoa, että Sir Roger Moore on ottanut sen sydämenasiakseen.

  3. Ootte niin kauniina!! Kiitos vielä blogistasi. Olen päässyt nyt vihdoinkin laihdutuksessa tuloksiin ja yritän parantaa tyyliäni vähän kerrallaan.

    Sulla on mielettömän luonnollinen, scandinaavisen,upea tyyli. Kiitos tästä!


    1. Voi kiitos paljon 37-v ja hienoa, että olet päässyt haluamiisi mittoihin!!! Tuntuu aina kivalta :-)