Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Hiya! So let me tell you more about my weekend in New York... Let's start from the first day. I woke up to this view. All on my own, excited about having a full day of me time. 

This is what I wore. Super simple yet again.

I took a stroll towards Soho, through the pretty streets of West Village. 

On Mercer Street in Soho I couldn't resist but taking a snap of the paps. Not sure who they were stalking, gathered outside The Mercer Hotel. Minutes earlier I had walk past a very understated looking (but stunning, and tiny!) Julianne Moore.

After having a lunch for one and browsing through a few shops in Soho I walked back and popped onto Washington Square.

There were free hugs on offer. I politely declined, maybe next time.

This dude was rather talented. Definitely earned his tip.

After a quick change at the hotel I was back out on the streets of Meatpacking District wearing another simple outfit and doing another stupid pose.

I finally had a friend too. Me time is nice but friend time kind of beats it. We enjoyed a couple of drinks at the lovely Standard Grill whilst waiting for the rest of the party to arrive. 

To be continued... 

Minna x


  1. Näyttääpä mukavalta! NY on kyllä ihana kaupunki.
    t. Mimi

  2. Apua, kerro lisäää! Kamala ikävä Nykiin nousee vaan kokoajan! Olen aina ollut sitä mieltä, että tahdon nähdä mahdollisimman paljon eri paikkoja maailmassa mielummin, kuin että kävisin uudelleen samoissa kohteissa. Mutta New York on kyllä se paikka minne on pakko palata vielä ja monesti mielellään!
    Upeita kuvia ja muutenkin inspiroiva blogi, kiitos siitä! <3