Friday, 9 May 2014


One of my favourite New York spots is The Crosby Street Hotel in Soho. Out of all the Manhattan hotels I've stayed at it's my favourite one. I love their restaurant and bar too for lunch or drinks. The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed and the decor fun and colourful.

My celeb spotting continued when I had lunch there. Emma Stone sat in my direct view as I was sipping this Diet Coke and having my lunch for one. On another day when we had drinks at the bar Katie Holmes was enjoying a drink in a corner table and so was James Franco!

Crosby Street do the best tuna tartar ever. I'm not sure what makes it stand out from all the other tuna tartars... maybe the crunchy bits of cashew nuts they've thrown in the mix.

This is their spinach salad that normally comes with prawns but I swapped it to salmon paillard. So delicious. I really recommend if you need ideas for lunch around Soho!

Minna x


  1. Herranjestas mikä elämä!
    Mutta oletkos todella onnellinen?
    Entäs ihanat tyttösi?

  2. Blogisi on ihana, onneksi jaat ihania kuvia ja tarinoita elämästäsi. Kaikkea hyvää :) Hieno valaisin installaatio!! -AM

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