Friday, 23 May 2014


Are you ready for one of those restaurant posts with poor quality iPhone pictures? I hope so as this is one!

One of my eldest London friends lives in Monaco these days. My sister and I drove down there for dinner with her the other night. The chosen venue was Sass Cafe. It's certainly not known as a culinary institution but if you want a fun, buzzy and busy restaurant Sass is always a safe choice.

I prefer to sit outside underneath this marquee.

As a pre starter they served us this dish of salmon. I know, you can't see any salmon in there but I promise you there was some. And it tasted very good too!

As my starter I had their bream ceviche. I didn't take a picture of it but I should have as it was delicious. I love a ceviche and the Sass Cafe one was definitely a good one. As my main I had these king prawns that were delicious too. I didn't expect the food to be anything to write home about but I looks like I am! (Writing home about it that is.)

A fun night!

Yesterday we had heavy rain and thunder over here but today it's looking lovely so I'm going to take advantage of that and head down to the beach. See you soon!

Minna x


  1. Näyttä siltä, että hauskaa oli! Onko tuo Sass Cafe siinä Hotel de Parisin vastapäätä? Tuleepa mieleen omat ihanat muistot Monacosta, jossa vietin monia viikkoja vähän nuorempana. Kiva, että saat vietettyä aikaa siskon kanssa.

    1. Sass on vähän "alempana" Avenue Princesse Gracella. Hauska paikka :-) Hyvää sunnuntaita!!