Sunday, 13 April 2014


As some of you might remember one of my all time favourite London restaurants is Cecconi's. It has a cosy and buzzy atmosphere at anytime of any day. A great choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food never fails either.

We had a family lunch there last Sunday. My favourite dish by far is salmon with an avocado salad. Delicious! No picture though, sorry… I was too keen to eat it!

After lunch we had a wander around the streets of Mayfair and took a few tourist pictures at the Churchill and Roosevelt statues.

After that it was time to admire some rather colourful art at Berkeley Square.

And play a little bit of hide and seek. 

A lovely, London Sunday. The kind I will no doubt miss.

Minna x

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  1. Avokadosalaatti ei yleensä mene pieleen, varsinkaan lohen kanssa. Piipahdettiin eilen Richmondissa ravintolareissulla ja mikäs muu sieltä lähti parempiin suihin kuin avokadosalaatti rapujen kera. Toimii. :)

    Hauskoja nuo patsaat. :-)