Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Hello lovelies! W1 will soon have a new, cleaner look. To get that going there will be a couple of days' blogging break as of tomorrow.

I on the other hand went for the opposite of a new look at last Saturday's wedding. I chose some good old pieces from my wardrobe. This dress has appeared on the blog already a couple of times. I keep on going back to it as I love everything about it, the shape, material and colour. The sandals and the Chloe bag are my wardrobe staples that I keep on wearing time after time too.

The wedding was a lot of fun! I love weddings; deciding what to wear, seeing what kind of wedding dress the bride has chosen and how beautiful they look, being part of the couple's special day, seeing them walk down the isle (and getting teary over it, obviously!), hearing the speeches and just enjoying the day with old and new friends. 

We have another wedding to attend this weekend in Italy. I say "a wedding" but in fact it's a whole of three parties! Plus a lunch! Imagine the outfit planning... Luckily for one of the parties everyone's outfit is provided for. A type of outfit I've never worn before and am very excited about ;-)

As soon as I get the new blog layout working smoothly I'll tell you about Italy. Shouldn't be too long. 

Minna x


  1. Excited to see the new look!!! Have a WONDERFUL time in Italy! Sounds fabulous!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures from The wedding. Say hello to beautiful bride!
    Your outfit looks nice as always. :)
    Miia from Helsinki Chic

  3. Aasialaiset haat tulossa? Tuli vaan tosta valmiista taysin uudenlaisesta puvusta mieleen :) mielenkiintoista nahda uus blogilookki kans :)

  4. Oi! Mikä asu! <3<3<3

  5. Ihania kuvia. Pisti silmään sandaaleista tursuavat pikkuvarpaat... Kaikilla ei ole sandaalijalat ja silloin voisi käyttää itselle ja jaloilleen sopivia kenkiä.

  6. Aivan ihana asu. Iso tykkäys! Sopii sulle tosin hyvin :)

  7. Kaunis mekko ja kengät myös! Olenko pudonnut jo kärryiltä kun käyn harvakseltaan lueskelemassa, vai vieläkö olette muuttamassa Dubaihin?

  8. Hei vaan, missä seuraava postaus? :-) Odotellaan jo... :-)
    t. Mimi