Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Right, after being few days offline we're still in the weekend before last, which was a rather busy one. On Saturday we had lunch in a beautiful restaurant called La Guerite. It's located on Sainte Marguarite island outside Cannes. 

We started off by having a very typically French sharing starter; a basket of vegetables to be enjoyed with a special anchovies dip. I don't like anchovies but I do like veg!

This is what my children ate. Seabass with pasta. Doesn't look that interesting does it... 

But this does! Delicious chilli squid.

Greek salad.

A salmon tartar.

My absolute La Guerite favourite, their octopus salad. Delicious!

The waiters wear the cutest, Frenchest (is that a word?) outfits.

Kids like it there as all the tables are on sand. If you're lunching with little people take a bucket and a spade with you!

Looks like their chicken nuggets were pretty good too!

Right, then onto the main dishes. I have this every time I go there, it's too good to miss. King prawns with chilli.

Someone else's baby chicken, which looked and apparently also tasted lovely.

As a dessert I got a kiss from my little boyfriend. That was definitely the highlight of my lunch!

Off we hopped with tummies full of great food.

We stopped to have a little photo session though! It was still a bit chilly then and a jacket of some sort was needed.

I can't wait to go again! 

You can catch a boat to Sainte Marguarite from Cannes. They run all day long from Laubeuf Quay and take you there in a matter of minutes.

Minna x


  1. Mua vähän harmittaa, kun me ei viime kesänä poikettu tuonne syömään, vaikka saarella oltiinkin. Ravintola oli silloin niin hiljaisen näköinen. Asia pitää korjata, ruoka on enemmän kuin herkullisen näköistä!

    1. Mun mielestä La Gueriten ruoka on parasta, mitä olen koko rivieralla syönyt... Ja menu on myös tosi paljon mun makuun. Se ei tällä kyseisellä kerralla ollut ihan yhtä hyvää kun viime kesänä, mutta kausi on vasta aluillaan, eivätköhän he pääse taas samaan tasoon tänäkin kesänä :-)

  2. Oh such gorgeous food. I do not know how you manage to stay so slim. When my children were a similar age we always ate at the good beach restaurants as they loved to play in the sand and meet new friends. Plus we could eat and relax.

    1. Yes beach restaurants are the best bet with children for sure. Everyone enjoys it!

  3. Aaah miten ihana tunnelma valittyy kuvien kautta! Kiitos kun jaksat jakaa meidan kanssa naita mahtavia kokemuksia! Rakastan sun blogia ja kayn useaan otteeseen paivassa katsomassa jospa blogi olis paivittynyt, hih :)
    Saija x

    1. Ha, ihana kuulla Saija! Kiitos kommentista!

  4. I'm curious: can you steer the boat yourself? Or do you take it out for play when your hubby's around