Thursday, 5 June 2014


The weather until a few days ago was on and off... And the forecast could never get it right. This was one of those days that was forecasted sunny and beautiful but doesn't really look like it does it? I think my serious face goes with the gloomy weather. I wasn't complaining though it still wasn't cold and we headed to St Tropez as planned to have another lovely lunch at Club 55.

Little M's outfit was rather colourful that day. I'm still able to choose her outfits but she's starting to have an opinion too. Hence the necklace...

So again we had the fresh veg as a starter to share. Clean, fresh, healthy and tasty!

Their grilled gambas are in my opinion the best dish on the menu. Always delicious. And they're so huge that you can easily share a portion with someone. On the side I had a green salad. It's basically just crunchy lettuce leaves but the dressing, what ever it is, makes it so tasty that I could eat it forever.

After lunch we had a play on the cloudy beach. Clouds were hardly noticed by the little people.

And I got to wear a Zara scarf that I absolutely love. It was a NYC found last month.

Right now the French Riviera is basking in sunshine and there are no signs of grey clouds. The days are getting warmer but the real difference to only a week or two ago is that the evenings are slowly warming up too. Yay! :-) Now if only the camera charger I ordered would arrive so that I could do some up-to-date posts... I manage to loose my charger more than a week ago. It really has disappeared as if the earth has swallowed it. I feel like I'm missing a limb without my camera!

Minna x


  1. Hei mutta toi esikoisen kaulakoruhan on ihana! Mä olisin valinnut saman :)

    Joo, toi on just tota Rivieran ruokaa parhaimmillaan - ihania, super maistuvia salaatteja ja tuoretta cambasta. Ja siihen vielä vähän kylmää roséta päälle. Seriously, voiko parempaa olla? Ja silti niin yksinkertaista. Voisin syödä tota vaikka loppuelämäni! :)

    1. Niin mäkin! Voisin helposti syödä näin joka päivä loppuelämän ajan! xx

  2. Great photos. It's all ahead of you wait till little M wants to choose her entire outfit.nits all ahead of you. Hope you have a sunny week

    1. I know I'm kind of dreading it as I love choosing her outfits... Going to hold on to it as long as I can :-)