Friday, 13 June 2014


There is no better place on earth than London! To me, at least! When I got here yesterday I was literally smiling to myself whilst walking through the busy streets. I was trying to find a cab, dragging my suitcase through endless building works (Why is my suitcase always so heavy? Must be a manufacturing problem.) and clutching onto my M&S bag of goodies and I felt like I was in heaven! (Why oh why can't there be an M&S everywhere in the world? Btw I'm proud to tell you that all those goodies in that bag were "clean"... berries, nuts, chicken and tomatoes. That bag could have easily contained chocolate covered Brazil nuts, Jelly Babies and Percy Pigs but I walked past them as quick as I could!!)

You can probably spot from the pictures that they were not taken anywhere that I used to live! I'm in the East End for the weekend... Shoreditch to be exact. A whole new experience for me! But now... I'm going to take the tube across town and head to Notting Hill ;-) Have a great Friday everyone!

Minna x

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