Monday, 9 June 2014


I remember doing a post about this restaurant on my old blog many moons ago. I also remember that at least a few readers ended up going there based on my recommendation and very much liking it. So here we go again... One of my favourite restaurants not just here in South of France but possibly just about anywhere in the world, La Petite Maison in Nice. Food is never nothing but absolutely delicious, atmosphere second to none and the service... well it's very good as long as you don't mind that they don't always make you feel the most welcome at the door ;-) Let's not go into details but I guarantee that once you get past that you'll no doubt have an excellent evening. 

The tables are decorated with tomatoes and lemons. Which by the way I always eat... I chop the tomatoes up, cover them in lemon juice, salt and pepper and wolf them down whilst waiting for the actual food.

The most incredibly smooth, creamy and tasty scrambled eggs with truffle. There are no words to describe how good it is. Tastes more of cream than eggs but that's probably where the secret lies!

Another delicious starter, tuna carpaccio.

And dover sole. Pan fried with butter. So simple and so good.

For some reason a lot of restaurants in France get their lighting completely wrong. They seem to love bright ceiling lights, which means zero atmosphere and at least for me ruins the experience. La Petite Maison is the opposite and has it absolutely perfect. 

This particular evening was at the height of the Monaco GP and Cannes Film Festival so it was even busier and livelier than normally but this is what it very often looks like anyway. Especially during the summer they have a band entertaining diners and getting them up on their feet.

We had fun indeed.

And so did everyone else.

As a dessert they carried heaps of fresh berries to our table.

And my favourite ice cream flavour ever; caramel with lots of the gooey stuff.

There are a few La Petite Maisons around these days but Nice is the original and in my opinion the best one. Having said that they're all extremely good restaurants and definitely worth a visit. At the moment there's one in London, Paris, Cannes and Dubai. The Dubai will be seeing me this autumn!! :-)

Minna x

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