Friday, 21 February 2014


I love skinny jeans. You can only find one non-skinny pair of jeans in my closet and that would be these flared ones. I like them but I find them tricky; they require a high heel or otherwise they're way too long and so not flattering for this short pair of legs. I don't wear high heels often during the day and for the evenings I don't feel that these type of jeans are dressy enough. So an occasion to wear them arises only rarely. Here was one of them. Just an ordinary day but I knew I didn't have to do too much walking so a high heeled boot was okay.

When you're reading this I'll be strolling along the streets of New York. Most likely wrapped up warm, making my way through the snow. I don't care about the weather, I'm just so happy to be going! It's been way too long since the last visit more than two years ago. I absolutely love New York. Who doesn't? There is nowhere cooler and nowhere with better energy. We have a really fun weekend planned with some great friends who live over there. So not really your traditional kind of honeymoon but exactly what I fancy!

Jacket: Belstaff
Knit: Joseph
Jeans: Mih, Marrakech
Boots: Stella McCartney
Bag: Chanel

I hope you have a great weekend! I want to thank you all again for your kind comments and for congratulating us. I really appreciate each and everyone of them even though I haven't had the chance to respond. I'll be sharing some of our wedding pictures with you on my return as well as pictures from New York. However my Instagram is always one step ahead of the blog so if you follow me, you would have probably already seen a couple of wedding and New York pictures by now ;-)

Minna x


  1. Upea kuva teistä mukulakivikadulla Instagramissa. Kuvassa oli hieno valo ja tunnelma sekä tietysti upean näköinen pari! Mahtavaa New Yorkin reissua!

    1. Kiitos, meillä oli tosi mahtava valokuvaaja. Hänestä vähän enemmän heti kun saat kuvat seulottua läpi :-)

  2. Moi, myöhästynyt kommentti, mutta pakkohan se on kirjoittaa koska tuo oranssi neule on niin söpö! Et arvaakaan, miten se piristäisi elämääni maanantaiaamuisin... ;) Toivottavasti oli ihana NYCin reissu. Laitan sulle meiliä. t. Marjo x

    1. No se on söpö väri :-) Neule itsessään on vaan niin paksu, että pitää tarkoin sitä päälle pukiessa miettiä tuleeko oltua paljon sisätiloissa! xx