Thursday, 20 February 2014


I'm sure this restaurant has been mentioned in a lot of Finnish blogs but I must mention it too. Pastis! What a fabulous addition to the list of Helsinki's great restaurants. That list just keeps on getting longer and longer. When a few years back I wasn't really sure where to dine when in Helsinki I'm now totally spoilt for choice. 

I had lunch in Pastis with my British guests. Let me tell you what I ate. First course an absolutely delicious seafood salad. I'm an octopus fanatic. It's probably my number one favourite food so when ever that's on the menu I'm going to go for it. Bring on the tentacles and suckers! Some people get put off by the sight of them but not me.

Second course was equally delicious; rib of pork. Slow cooked, melts in your mouth kind of thing. Alongside it they served an artichoke mash. Thinking of it makes my mouth water.

A little naughty macaroon to finish off. I went for the caramel one, obviously! 

And this was me, very happy after a delicious lunch, wrapped up in my enormous scarf yet again! I can't wait to go back to Pastis. Dinner next time. Just one question; why would they not be open for lunch on the weekend? Surely that's supposed to be prime time for restaurants?

My Mother-In-Law got to eat in Maxill, Muru, Salutorget, Pastis and Savoy. All great and all restaurants I will be going back to many times over. I'm on a bit of a Helsinki high here... One day I'd like to take all my London friends for a visit!

Minna x


  1. I need to go to Pastis as well! I've been just reading great reviews about the restaurant and now, seeing your photos I have no doubt that I will enjoy it there :)

  2. Ask just won restaurant of the year recently. One more for you to try..!

  3. Listaan lisää myös Olo.